About Cyber Punk

Cyber Punk is a groundbreaking blockchain project that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the crypto industry. Cyber Punk offers users the ability to automate their trading strategies through the use of AI technology. This involves utilizing past financial data to enhance trading strategies, automating stop-loss orders, and implementing dollar-cost averaging during market downturns.

Additionally, the Copy Trading AI Bot will mimic the trading strategies of hundreds of top traders and adapt them to the user’s preferences. The technology also provides insights into market movements such as potential dips, pumps, and manipulation. Furthermore, Cyber Punk’s investment technology can identify the best platform to achieve maximum yield and can automatically switch to another platform to maximize returns whenever necessary.

Overall, We delivering game-changing innovation in the crypto space, offering investors unprecedented access to advanced AI tools and technologies to optimize their trading strategies and increase their returns multifold.

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cyber punk Developments

The use of AI in the crypto industry has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. AI technology is enabling a wide range of new applications and services to be developed, from automated market making to algorithmic trading. AI-based solutions are also being used to detect and prevent fraud, reduce costs, and improve user experience. As the technology continues to evolve, we are likely to see further developments in cryptographic security, automated compliance systems, and predictive analytics in the future.

Cyber Punk Intelligence Platform

The Intelligence Platform by Cyber Punk offer comprehensive details about a project's history and technical integrations, ensuring that you can confidently add new assets and protocols to your product or portfolio.

Cyber Punk Smart Wallet

The Cyber Punk wallet is a digital platform that employs AI technology to improve the management of cryptocurrency portfolios by providing up-to-the-minute market insights.

Cyber Punk Copy Trader

The Cyber Punk Copy Trader is a trading system that utilizes AI technology to analyze market data and replicate the trading decisions of accomplished traders in real-time.

Cyber Punk Stake Tracker

With the use of AI technology, a staking system powered by Cyber Punk can offer users a more effective and lucrative staking experience, enabling them to increase their investment and earn higher rewards. Additionally, users will have the opportunity to stake $Cyber Punk and receive substantial APR rewards.

Cyber Punk Telegram AI Bot powered by GPT3

The Cyber Punk Telegram AI Bot, powered by GPT-3, will be utilized to deliver financial guidance, respond to inquiries regarding investments and markets, and conduct instantaneous market analysis. This bot will be completely free, and accessible to any Telegram user.

Cyber Punk Smart Investment Tech

With the utilization of Cyber Punkj's capabilities, an AI-based product can assist you in analyzing the market. This results in investment analysis becoming more precise, streamlined, and data-oriented, thus giving investors a competitive advantage and aiding in the attainment of their financial objectives.

AI-Powered Market Predictions:

Our AI oracle provides real-time predictions and trends, enhancing your decision-making.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand market sentiment through AI-driven sentiment analysis.

Portfolio Optimization:

AI optimizes your portfolio for maximum returns and minimal risk.

Risk Assessment:

AI assesses and mitigates risks in real-time.

Dynamic Trading Strategies:

AI dynamically adapts your trading strategies based on market conditions.

  • Platform Staking : 20%
  • Exchange Listing : 20%
  • Sale Token : 15%
  • Marketing : 10 %
  • Partnership : 5 %
  • Team Token : 10 %
  • Community Airdrop : 20 %

Cyber Punk fund allocation is

Platform Staking

Exchange Listing

Sale Token



Team Token

Community Airdrop

: 20%

: 20%

: 15%

: 10%

: 5%

: 10%

: 20%

cyber punk is a bep20 Token




Total Supply

: Binance Smart Chain



: 10,000,000CBP

Our Roadmap

Cyber Punk Development Plan

Phase 1

Pre Launch

▪️ Airdrop
▪️ Listing announcement
▪️Token Generation Event
Phase 2

Launch of cyberpunk Incentivize Dex and Reward Pool

▪️Staking Pool + LP to Earn
▪️Contribution reward pool
▪️ Airdrop distribution
Phase 3

Ecosystem Build

(Early October - Late October) ▪️Swap to earn Cycle and Reward Pool
▪️ Cyber Punk application launch (Android & iOS)
Phase 4


▪️Beta NFT Marketplace
▪️NFT Artist Meetup
▪️Cyber Punk Verse Beta
▪️Supply Chain Management Beta
Mobile App

You can easily control your assets on Mobile Devices

We will facilitate a mobile app that will provide easy access for users to manage all their assets and tokens.

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